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Wilson’s Storm-Petrel

by | Jun 14, 2022

* Wilson’s Storm-Petrel  Oceanites oceanicus

Texas Coastal / Offshore Status: One bird photographed off Port O’Connor on June 11, 2015 by Petra Hockey. Previously on the Hypothetical list for Texas. Eight other previous sight records were undocumented. 

Gulf of Mexico Status: Offshore Louisiana Fairly Common off the Mississippi Delta May to August.

Link to page with photos of Petra Hockey’s Wilson’s Storm-Petrel.

Habitat: Widespread in the world’s oceans. Some authorities consider it the world’s most abundant seabird.  Certainly, it is the most abundant pelagic bird in the north Atlantic for much of the warmer months (Apr into Oct), even though it nests at islands in the far southern oceans. 

* Texas Review Species, requiring written or photographic documentation to TBRC. 

Seasonal Occurrence Graph

Texas Pelagics Sightings Distribution

This map shows the geographic distribution of Wilson’s Storm-Petrel  found in Offshore Texas (and Gulf of Mexico)
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