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Pomarine Jaeger

by | Jun 14, 2022

Pomarine Jaeger Stercorarius pomarinus

Texas Coastal / Offshore Status: In Offshore waters; rare to uncommon summer visitor, uncommon fall migrant and common winter resident.  Rare along the coast in winter.

Habitat: coastal and offshore waters. May be seen chasing gulls and terns along jetties or near shrimp boats.

Similar Species: Very similar to Parasitic Jaeger. Identification difficult. Pomarine is heavier bodied and a relatively longer and thicker bill. David Sibley, from The Sibley Guide to Birds, points out that, “the combination of dark head and light uppertail coverts is typical of Pomarine and is never shown by Parasitic. The large bill is sharply bicolored and contrasts with the dark face, often conspicuous at a distance.” Pomarine Jaegers, like the smaller Long-tailed Jaeger, have strongly barred uppertail coverts. The central tail feathers on adult birds are long, rounded and twisted. The tail feathers of adult Parasitic Jaegers are pointed.

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(1) TOS Handbook of Texas Birds; by Mark W. Lockwood and Brush Freeman (2005)

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