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Black-capped Petrel

by | Jun 14, 2022

* Black-capped Petrel  Pterodroma hasitata

Texas Offshore Status: Very Rare in the Texas Offshore. Three records for Texas, two from Texas Pelagic Trips out of Port O’Connor: 28 May 1994, 26 July 1997. The most recent record on 5 Nov 2016 is of 2 (possibly more) birds seen on a long range tuna fishing boat (Jon McIntyre)

Gulf of Mexico Status: Rare in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico off Florida. 

Range: Caribbean Sea, dispersing north to eastern USA and south towards Brazil; may move east towards center of Atlantic. Breeds Nov—May highlands of Hispaniola. Fairly common to common in North Carolina offshore waters of the Gulf Stream.

* Texas Review Species, requiring written or photographic documentation to TBRC.
(1) TOS Handbook of Texas Birds; by Mark W. Lockwood and Brush Freeman (2005)

Seasonal Occurrence Graph

In addition to TBRC records the graph includes data from 2 research programs in the northern Gulf of Mexico from which black-capped petrels Pterodroma hasitata were observed. (A) Surveys conducted in 2010 and 2011 were a component of the post-spill Deepwater Horizon Natural Resources Damage Assessment; (B) surveys conducted in 2017−2019 were a component of the Gulf of Mexico Marine Assessment Program for Protected Species. 

(5) Jodice, Patrick G.R. (et al), Revising the marine range of the endangered black-capped petrel Pterodroma hasitata: occurrence in the northern Gulf of Mexico and exposure to conservation threats, Sept 23, 2021

Texas Pelagics Sightings Distribution

This map shows the geographic distribution of Black-capped Petrel found in Offshore Texas (and Gulf of Mexico)
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