Terms and Conditions / Registration


Reservations are accepted on a FIRST-PAID, FIRST-RESERVED basis only. Spaces will not be held without payment in full. The website SCHEDULE is usually kept up-to-date so you can check on the status of remaining open spaces on any trip.  It is important to register well in advance of the trip for 2 reasons. Due to the limited number of trips it is possible they could sell out far in advance of the trip date. Or if under-subscribed by the ‘LATE FARE DATE’ the trip may have to be cancelled because the cost of the charter cannot be covered. The ‘LATE FARE DATE’ is posted on the Trip Schedule.

WAITING LIST:  If a trip is already full when we receive your payment you will be added to the waiting list. To be kept on or added to a waiting list for any trip that is already full we will need to have your full payment and completed and signed forms in hand. There is usually a fair percentage of turnover in the trip participant list in the months prior to the trip, so your odds of getting on a trip are decent up until the final weeks before the trip.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations will be accepted and refunded (minus a $10.00 handling fee for PayPal Payments only)  up to the LATE FARE DATE. After the LATE FARE DATE trip refunds will be issued only if your space is resold and the trip is full when we sail. With less than two weeks prior to the trip date no refunds will be issued. You are free to give your paid spot to someone else as long as they aren’t already signed up for the same trip. Or you can donate your spot to a student birder in need of pelagic birds. If you need help we can always find field biology students who can fill spots for free.

WEATHER: Infrequently during the summer the weather prevents a trip from going. Spring and fall weather can be more problematic. We carefully monitor the weather forecasts beginning the Monday before a trip date and we will send out an email notifying all participants of the forecast. However, no calls on GO vs No GO are made any sooner than 24 hours before sailing.  We will email all participants late in the morning of the day before the trip to inform everyone that trip is called as GO or NO GO. Even if it is called as a “GO” the day before, the final judgment on the weather is made at the dock the morning before we sail, as it is always possible the forecasts and conditions have changed overnight. Please keep this in mind when making travel plans and hotel reservations. Our experience has been that with seas any greater the 5 ft for the Gulf it is not possible to have a viable pelagic trip as it would prevent us from reaching the deep waters greater than 50 miles offshore. With this forecast or conditions the trip will be cancelled.  If the trip is weathered out you will receive a full refund of the fare, (except for PayPal users who will incur a $10.00 fee). We cannot be held responsible for other incidental costs you may incur should a trip be cancelled due to the weather.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY:  Texas Pelagics and its leaders act only as an agent for the boat operator of these trips and cannot be held responsible for any injuries, accidents, lost, stolen or damaged articles, seasickness, or any other misfortunes resulting from participation on these trips. Each participant acknowledges and accepts that offshore Pelagic Birding carries inherent risks and dangers and agrees to hold Texas Pelagics and its leaders harmless from any liability.

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS:  Due to unstable footing, balance and other hazards these trips are not recommended for people with certain physical limitations, certain health problems, expectant mothers or children under 12 and they should not sign up. Please inquire if you have any questions. No Pets are permitted aboard the boat. No smoking on-board!


Please click the link above and thoroughly read and follow the advice and directions in the “Preparing for a Texas Pelagic”. This document should answer all of your questions about What to Bring, What to Wear, Where to Stay, etc. and will help you have a better time when you’re prepared for a long day at sea. Please arrive at the dock no later than 30 minutes prior to departure time. The boat leaves right on time and we are not responsible if you miss the boat for any reason.




Download a PDF of the Registration and Survey forms. Print out these forms. To reserve and confirm your space on the trip please thoroughly read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and fill out and sign the Registration Form and mail it along with a check for the full amount of each trip to: Texas Pelagics / Garett Hodne, 30 Dakota Ridge Place, The Woodlands, TX 77381. Make checks payable to “Texas Pelagics / Garett Hodne”. For multiple trips please send one check for each trip and write trip date on the check. If each participant is not going on all the same trips please use separate registration forms. To save paper I don’t need a copy of the ‘Term and Conditions’ you can keep that for your reference. Also if you prefer can take the Online Participant Survey and it will be sent to me and you via email saving a sheet of paper. 


ONLINE REGISTRATION:  Save paper and use online E-Registration to send me the form. A copy will also be emailed to you. Then mail in your check right away, as no reservations are held without payment. 

ONLINE PAYMENT with PayPal:  Please note that the fare is $10.00 higher when paying with Paypal. 

ONLINE PARTICIPANT SURVEY:  Especially if this is your first trip with Texas Pelagics please take a minute to fill out our simple survey. If it’s been awhile since you took our survey please consider submitting one. Thank you for your feedback, I read them all and try to implement all good suggestions.