Brown Booby: Seasonal Occurrence & Geographic Distribution

*Brown Booby Sula leucogaster

Lower Coast Status: Very rare (six records) in coastal South Texas. Most likely in summer and fall, but has occurred in all seasons.

TX Status: Very rare visitor to offshore waters and along the coast and accidental inland. There are 37 documented records prior to 2014.

Habitat: along the immediate coast, including Port Isabel, South Padre Island, and Boca Chica and Laguna Madre. This species has been found perched on rock jetties, channel markers, and on spoil islands; may occur on occasion in offshore and pelagic waters off the Lower Texas Coast.

Similar Species: Brown Booby can be distinguished from both Northern Gannet and Masked Booby by its browner plumage (dark brown breast and all dark back and rump) and yellow feet. Both Northern Gannet and Masked Booby show variable amounts of white in rump or uppertail coverts. Masked Booby always shows white breast.

*Texas Review Species, requiring written or photographic documentation.            © Copyright  Brad McKinney  31 October 31, 2004 (Status updated by Garett Hodne Nov 2014)


The graph below shows the number and date of all Brown Booby sightings on all Texas Pelagics from 1992 to 2014:

BRBO Graph


This map shows the geographic distribution of Brown Booby sightings (brown stars) on 27 Texas Pelagics mostly from South Padre Island, but also including 1 trip from Port Aransas and 2 trips from Port O’Connor. Sighting coordinates from the remaining 25 + Texas Pelagics are not available.

Brown Booby sightings range from the coastal bays out to the outer shelf.

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