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MV FLING – Freeport

by | Nov 18, 2021

The MV Fling will become one of our primary boats for future Texas Pelagics. Having just finished our first 48-hour Texas Pelagic trip on the Fling i can say it’s an excellent pelagic birding boat. While it is primarily used as a Dive boat it is well suited for longer range pelagic birding trips. It has 30 bunks and can carry 32 pelagic birders. The best feature for pelagic birding is the large open sun deck that can easily hold everyone onboard, and allows a 360 degree view. There is limited built-in seating up there so bring a sturdy camp-type chair. The lower dive deck on the aft is very open with facing bench seating. It has a walkaround main deck to access the bow viewing area. The galley is located on the main deck with tables and seating for almost but not quite everyone at the same time. The cabins with 4 bunks each are on the lower deck and are small, so don’t expect to spend time down there other than for sleeping.


Boarding Snack
Quesadillas (beef and chicken, cheese) Vegan alt: fruit Gluten alt: fruit

Thursday Breakfast
Breakfast Tacos Gluten alt: corn tortillas Vegan alt: meatless sausage patties
– Sausage, bacon, eggs, fixins
– Fruit tray
– Breads (bagals, etc)
Cereals, etc

Thursday Lunch
Burgers and chips Vegan alt: Beyond burger
– Cheese selection, mushrooms, fixins
– Desert pies

Thursday Dinner
– Spaghetti Vegan alt (portion set aside without meats, meatless meatballs) Gluten alt (still need)
– Italian sausage, ground beef
– Mushrooms, onion, bay, etc
Garlic bread

Thursday nite snack: Brownies and Ice cream

Friday Breakfast
Waffles, bacon, eggs

Friday Lunch
Potato Bar (burger buns available for those hwo prefer)
– Chopped beef, grilled chicken
– Salad, and fixins for both

Going home snacks
Watermelon, popcorn, etc.

The following is an excerpt from their website:  The M/V Fling is owned and operated by Texas Caribbean Charters.  Our collective experience with the Fling in the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary goes back to the days before the Sanctuary was born.  We operate from Freeport, Texas, offering 2 day or 3 day charters to the Flower Gardens during the summer dive season. 

MV Fling Aerial 1

Here is a map to the dock for the MV Fling in Freeport

M/V Fling Photo gallery.

Below are a number of pictures of the Fling extracted from a video on the Fling website.  Also here is the Fling FAQ that should answer any questions you may have about specifics and rules while onboard the boat.

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