Texas Pelagics

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7) Texas Pelagic Trip Reports 2014 to Present

by | Jun 12, 2022


When Eric Carpenter decided to retire from running Texas pelagics I stepped up and volunteered to run them. I had been running the website since 2007 and had been on almost every trip since 2000 so it just seemed like a job I would like to do. Garett Hodne

#DATE: (click for report page)# SPECIES# SEABRIDSBOATPORT
01)2014, July 19412OspreyS. Padre Island
02)2014, Aug 1637OspreyS. Padre Island
03)2014, Sept 20923Osprey IIS. Padre Island
04)2014, Oct 25818Osprey IIS. Padre Island
05)2015, July 117219OspreyS. Padre Island
06)2015, Aug 8423OspreyS. Padre Island
07)2015, Aug 2910274OspreyS. Padre Island
08)2015, Sept 19741OspreyS. Padre Island
09)2015, Oct 10624OspreyS. Padre Island
10)2015, Nov 248OspreyS. Padre Island
11)2016, June 4310OpsreyS. Padre Island
12)2016, July 2310103KingfisherPort Aransas
13)2016, Aug 277224OspreyS. Padre Island
14)2016, Sept 17548KingfisherPort Aransas
15)2016, Nov 2056KingfisherPort Aransas
16)2018, Aug 319123OspreyS. Padre Island
17)2018, Sept 22723OspreyS. Padre Island
18)2019, Aug 247115KingfisherPort Aransas
19)2021, Aug 14742IsabellaS. Padre Island
20)2021, Sept 186115KingfisherPort Aransas
21)2021, Oct 30550IsabellaS. Padre Island
22)2022, June 1 - 31095M-V FlingFreeport
23)2022, Sept 10825Gulf EaglePort Aransas
24)2023, Sept 16875Gulf EaglePort Aransas
25)2023, Sept 27 - 2911TBAM-V FlingFreeport