Seabird and Pelagic Birding Links

Here is a list of some of worth while websites if you interested in exploring seabirds and Pelagic birding opportunities from other parts of the country and world.

Gulf of Mexico Information  Resource Database for Gulf of Mexico Research


General Pelagic and Seabird Information

 Ocean Wanderers


North America Pelagic Birding

Shearwater Journeys  Central California Pelagic Trips.

Zungunruhe Birding Tours   Alaskan Seabirds and Pelagic Trips.

The Bird Guide Inc Pelagic Birding Trips  Pelagic Birding from Newport, Oregon

Westport Seabirds  Pelagic Birding from Westport, Washington  Pelagic Trips and Deep Water Seabirding Expeditions from Southern California.

Seabirding Pelagic Trips  Pelagic Birding from Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks and Virginia.

See Life Paulagics   Mid-Atlantic Pelagic Trips, NY, NJ, Delaware .

New England Seabird News  Natural history of seabirds and Pelagic trips in New England


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