I must acknowledge the efforts of the Texas Pelagics community of dedicated birders who pioneered, organized and led all the previous trips to date.  I dedicate this website to this group of Texas Pelagic enthusiasts who have made all the trips and therefore this website possible.  I know of most all of these people but certainly there were others as well who I am unaware of. If you know of someone who should be acknowledged on this list please let me know.

Sheriton Burr

Dwight Peake

Mark Elwonger

Eric Carpenter

John Arvin

Brad McKinney

Petra Hockey

Randy Pinkston

Mary Gustafson

Sumita Prasad

Cate Ball

Ronnie Carroll

Greg Lasley

Mike Overton

Stan Van Sandt

Richard Gibbons

 I also dedicate this website to all the participants on Texas Pelagic trips who have endured and enjoyed all the countless hours at sea searching the blue horizons for distant birds and marine life.