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About TexasPelagics.com

by | Nov 18, 2021

TexasPelagics.com Mission:

TexasPelagics.com is dedicated to promoting public pelagic birding trips and advancing the knowledge of pelagic birds in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas Coast.  TexasPelagics.com is a free, public service to the birding community.

An Idea to Fulfill a Need:

On a long drive home from a great South Padre Island Texas Pelagic on July 19, 2008 I had this idea to create a website exclusively for Texas Pelagics. I thought it was about time that there was one website where all the available information about Texas pelagic birds, mammals, trips and everything to do with Texas pelagic birding was assembled in one place. I had previously searched the web for information on Texas Pelagics and the search came up with only very spotty information.

This website was created for two primary reasons. The main reason was to serve as a platform where upcoming Texas Pelagic trips could be announced. A single reference point was needed to serve the needs of a group of pelagic enthusiasts to help get the word out about Texas Pelagic Trips. Throughout the 23 year history of Texas Pelagics it was often difficult to get the word out about planned trips. During the 1990’s Dwight Peake and Mark Elwonger developed a Newsletter and a mailing list of birders throughout the state that were interested in Pelagics. This became easier after 1996 with the advent of Texbirds, but there were always problems getting trips fully subscribed.

The second purpose was for the website to become a single location for the archiving of pelagic trip records and pictures of the seabirds, mammals, turtles and fish seen in Texas pelagic waters.  I already had accumulated a lot of information and photos through years of participating in Texas Pelagic trips. I also sought the help of other long time pelagic enthusiasts for what information they could add to the archives.


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