2019 Texas Pelagics Schedule

I am planning to run 3 Texas Pelagics in 2019. There will be one trip from Freeport aboard the Blue Fin, a fast 48′ sport-fishing boat that we’ve never used before. Click here for more information about the Blue Fin and this new exploratory trip from the Upper Texas Gulf Coast. There are also two trips from Port Aransas on the Central Texas Gulf Coast aboard the Kingfisher . If we are successful in filling both trips from Port Aransas there is the possibility of a fourth trip in September from South Padre Island aboard the Osprey.

REGISTRATION: When you are ready to sign up click ‘Trip Sign-up’. Follow the instructions on the registration forms and mail it in with your payment. I have added a survey for everyone. It might help us to better meet the needs of our participants or even improve our trips.

2019 Texas Pelagics Schedule

1) Sat May 25Freeport - Blue Fin 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM 16 Hours$ 330.00After April 22
2) Sat July 27Port Aransas - Kingfisher5:00 AM to 7:00 PM 14 Hours$ 190.00After June 1
$ 240.00
24 MAX (21)
3) Sat Aug 24Port Aransas - Kingfisher4:00 AM to 8:00 PM 16 Hours$ 220.00After June 1
$ 270.00
23 MAX (20)
4) Sat Sept 14 (?)S Padre Island - OspreyTENTATIVELY

The REGULAR FARE, shown in the table above, applies to those who pay at any time up until the ‘LATE FARE DATE’ which is the deadline set by the charter boats to commit to running the trip and deposits become non-refundable. If we haven’t reached the minimum participant threshold required to cover the charter cost by this date then the trip is at risk of being cancelled depending on how close we are to the minimum. Any reservation cancellations beyond the LATE FARE DATE will not be refunded unless your seat is resold and the trip is full when we sail. If you can’t make your reservation by the LATE FARE DATE and are okay with paying the LATE FARE keep in mind the trip may get cancelled because too many people have waited until it’s too LATE.

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to keep our fares as low as possible all the leaders on the boat are also paying the Regular Fare. To break even at this fare I need 36 participants and leaders on every trip, which is about the average over the last 6 years. In the event that we have at least 30 participants but not 36, we will ask everyone if they would please pay a Supplemental Fare of up to $35 (if we are 5 short) to cover the charter cost shortfall so the trip can still proceed with a slightly smaller group. Also most charter boats also impose a fuel surcharge if the cost of diesel is over $3.00 / gallon, payable the day of the trip.