June 2018 Texas Pelagic Update

Hi Seabirders,
It’s been a good couple of weeks for sign-ups for the two upcoming 2018 Texas Pelagic trips.

1. The August 31st trip from Port Aransas is now FULL and I am beginning to accumulate a waiting list that so far has 5 people on it with a few more “checks in the mail” on the way.

2. The September 22nd trip from South Padre Island still has a 16 spaces available with a few more checks in the mail. It’s impossible for me to predict how long the spaces will last but if I were you and you’re thinking about signing up I wouldn’t procrastinate too much longer. I filled the last 25 spaces on the August 31st trip in just the last 10 days, TRUE FACT!

I am going to be out of the country beginning July 4th so I won’t get all my accumulated registration mail until I return at the end of July. So If you’ve mailed in your forms please hang on for your confirmation until I return. Folks will be registered in the order of the postmarked dates on their envelopes.

It is gratifying to me to see that my trips this year have attracted a large number of first time Pelagic birders. There is no better place to try out a pelagic trip than in your home state to see how much it appeals to you. Many or maybe most of the birders who do their first pelagic in Texas go on to seek out pelagic birding trips across the nation or even the world. Once you get the bug for Pelagic birding it can become an obsession, like it has for me, and many other Texas birders.

Here is a link to the 2018 schedule 
The sign up link and info is on that page.

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