June 4th Pelagic Early Bird Discount extended to April 15th

To encourage more Texas Pelagic Fans and Fanatics to sign up for this trip I decided to extend our “Early Bird” discount until April 15th. You’ll save $20.00 of the regular fare by getting your registration and payment in before tax day.

I’m hoping that after one or a couple of these trips are run during this early season that we will have such great success that everyone will want to go out in early June. I was so disappointed that our June 13th, 2015 trip was weathered out last year, that this year we have a weather back-up date for the June 4th trip on June 11th just to help ensure we don’t miss this early season for a whole year again. That is how strongly I and all our other leaders feel about the potential for this time of year offering some good birds to see.

Last year our trip was scheduled for June 13th which was right on the heels of Petra Hockey’s Wilson’s Storm-Petrel sighting on June 11th. It was especially satisfying for me that the Wilson’s was sighted just then because I had been thinking that this was the prime time for finally seeing them in Texas Waters. They are fairly common in Louisiana off the Mississippi delta in the May to August time frame. But the Mississippi Delta and the Mississippi Canyon that extends across the shelf off the delta is the only place where Pelagic birding trips are ever run off Louisiana. So there is no data to say they don’t extend farther west towards Texas. No one ever goes birding in the deep waters of the Gulf at the right time of year off western Louisiana or Texas to be able to answer this question in my opinion.

So don’t delay, sign-up today!


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