June 4th Texas Pelagic wants you!

It is just over 2 months until the first scheduled Texas Pelagic of 2016 is set to sail. It’s hard to think about the long hot summer while Spring Migration is in full swing here on the Texas Coast. The June 4th trip is purposely schedule earlier in the Pelagic season than most previous Texas Pelagics have been run for a very good reason. This time period is when many rarities show up in the Pelagic waters off the East Coast. As one of our leaders John O’Brien stated ” I am particularly keen to get an early season trip in because that is the time that corresponds to a very interesting diversity of Pterodroma in North Carolina. We can always hope.” It is the height of the season off North Carolina when Brian Patterson runs daily trips for over 2 weeks straight, during what he calls his “Spring Blitz”. This trip coincides with the end of this “Spring Blitz” because we feel it offers good possibilities for real rarities in Texas;

Wilson’s Strom-Petrel is most likely to be found during this time frame, like one was found by Petra Hockey on June 11, 2015.

Manx Shearwater and Black-capped Petrel are a real possibility in late Spring.

We need a lot more people to sign-up within the next month if we are going to be able to run this trip. I’m hoping it appeals to those who have a sense of adventure and exploration and want to take a chance on finding a real rarity for Texas in a season that has seen very little birding in true Texas Pelagic waters


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