2015 Trips Status Update

Sign-ups for the 2105 season have been brisk. At this point we have enough people to run 3 trips. And a fourth trip is going ahead even though it’s short on participants because the leaders are really interested in exploring this under-birded season.

The June 13th Texas Pelagic will be run even though we are short on participants signed-up. All of our leaders believe this season has good potential so they are all chipping in for full fare to make this trip go. As one of our leaders John O’Brien stated ” I am particularly keen to get an early season trip in because that is the time that corresponds to a very interesting diversity of Pterodroma in North Carolina. We can always hope.” And I agree whole heartedly. I hope some more people will sign-up so we can really reach full participation, but never-the-less we are going. It really is a season that deserves to be explored offshore Texas.

The July 11th Texas Pelagic now has almost enough people signed-up that we are ready to call this trip a go. I’m confident that this first ever 16 hour Texas Pelagic from South Padre will get the remaining support it needs to fill the boat. So why not join us for the first Texas Pelagic to explore out to the Camel’s Head Seamount!

The August 29th Texas Pelagic is a definite go as we have almost filled the boat and there is only one opening left. This will be the second 16 hour Texas Pelagic run ever to the Camel’s Head Seamount. I’m not aware of a Texas Pelagic that has ever almost sold out so far in advance of the trip date. A good sign I hope.

The Sept 19th Texas Pelagic trip has also reached the minimum number of participants needed to make this trip go. There are still spaces available on this trip at this prime time of the year, but I can’t guarantee how long they will last. This is a regular 12 hour trip.

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