Preview of 2015 Texas Pelagic Plans

“What’s new and different for 2015?”

  1. After years of experimenting with different headings for the South Padre Island Texas Pelagic trips we have settled on a due easterly course to reach the shelf edge in fewer miles and quicker time. The trade off is that on days with rougher sea conditions we have more spray on the windward side of the boat and use more fuel but reaching the shelf edge quicker means more time in DEEP water so it is worth it.
  2. In 2015 we will schedule 6 trips, more trips than ever before. A possible 7th trip may be run prior to the RGVBF if there is sufficient demand, to be determined later in the season.  The most trips successfully run in one year was 5 in 2004 by the World Birding Center. It is no coincidence that this was following the Sept 2003 Yellow-nosed Albatross find!  The schedule is not yet finalized and I am not yet taking reservations.
  3. We will experiment with two extended 16 hour trips to explore farther out than ever before all the way to the Camel’s Head.
  4. The Osprey will be newly refurbished for next year and according to the owner it should be much more comfortable and will offer more amenities.
    • The new osprey will be Coast Guard rated for 100 miles and 70 people.
    • The rear upper deck has been expanded with passenger seating added. It is open and uncovered for superb viewing.
    • Floors are carpeted inside the dry cabin.
    • All exterior decks are rubberized.
    • Will seat 30 inside.
    • New 5-ton A/C
    • Restrooms with A/C
    • Onboard WIFI communication for 2 leaders to broadcast to PA system from anywhere on the boat to speakers which are now located on all sides of the boat.
    • Snack and Drink Bar- Now what will birders do with a bar?

Take a Look at the Newly Renovated Osprey

After such an exciting finish to the 2014 season I am really looking forward to starting the 2015 Texas Pelagic Season. If you haven’t been on one of our Texas Pelagics in 2014 and would like to be on my emailing list send me an email with your mailing address and mobile number. I’ll be sending out periodic updates on the status of our trips for 2015.

Don’t worry we would never sell your email.

If you haven’t been on a Texas Pelagic in a long time 2015 would be a good time to take one again. The Osprey boat was good before but now it will be even nicer. And we have fine tuned our course and learned more about the distribution of birds in this region.



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