South Padre Island TEXAS PELAGIC November 09, 2008

Aboard   the Osprey II

Subject: South Padre   Island Pelagic results 9 Nov 08

Date:   Mon, 10 Nov 2008 03:55:48 GMT

From:   Brad McKinney

Good  evening,

Texas pelagics in November can be a dicey proposition. With seas only dropping into   the makeable realm on Saturday afternoon, today’s trip was a go. The pelagic   crew endured rough conditions but was treated to excellent looks at Pomarine   Jaegers. The highlight was an adult Pomarine Jaeger complete with long   twisted central tail feathers hovering at point blank range. It is always   cool observing jaegers harassing Laughing Gulls. In all 13 jaegers were   observed in a variety of ages/plumages: nine Pomarine Jaegers, one probable   Parasitic, and three jaeger species. As expected, the jaegers were found near   shrimp boats on shelf waters from about 20-40 miles out.

Somewhat   surprising was the smattering of Franklin’s Gulls (20) found throughout the   day in offshore waters. Also seen was an Audubon’s Shearwater in deepwater,   about 50 miles out. Rounding out the offshore list were a small flock of Red   Knots and five unidentified ducks (50 miles out). We were surprised to see a   Magnificent Frigatebird a mile out from the jetties coming in. We saw   numerous bottlenose dolphins as well as a small pod of spotted dolphins   during the day. Many thanks to Mary Gustafson and the Rio Grande Birding   Festival for organizing an excellent pelagic.

Brad   McKinney Rancho Viejo

Sea Bird List:

Pomarine Jaeger (9)

Parasitic Jaeger (1)

Jaeger   sp) (3)

Audubon’s Shearwater (1)

Magnificent Frigatebird (1)

Marine mammals:

Bottlenose   Dolphins (many)

Spotted   Dolphins (small pod)



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