Port Aransas TEXAS PELAGIC October 11, 2003

Aboard   the Wharf Cat

Subject: Coastal Bend udubon Soc Oct. 11 Pelagic Trip Report

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 12:09:43 -0500

From:Richard Gibbons

Forty participants departed Port Aransas yesterday morning at a east-southeast  bearing. Our destination was the East Breaks where we had such good luck last  year on October the 5th. Although the number of birds seen was impressive, pelagic bird diversity was low. The trip list follows provided by Eric Carpenter:


–   released rehabilitated sea turtle (Tony Amos released a Kemp’s Ridley 10 miles out)

–   Bottlenose Dolphins

–   Atlantic Spotted Dolphins (6)

– 1   Manta-ray

Pelagic species:

–   Cory’s Shearwater – 83+ on the way out; 102+ on the way in. S ome birds were   on the way back in were likely the same birds seen on the way out. Largest   single flock was of 75+ birds on the water.

–   Bridled Terns (4)

–   jaeger species (1)


Non-pelagic birds seen well offshore:

– Peregrine Falcons (7). Including 6 birds at a single unmanned platform.

– Royal and Sandwich Terns – small numbers of these around the shrimp boats on   the way out and back in.

– Common Terns (35+) and Least Terns (2) on way back in shallower waters, around shrimp boats.

– unidentified shorebirds (3)

– Mourning Doves (3)

– Barn Swallow (1)

– Common Nighthawk (3)

– Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (1)

– Palm Warbler (1)

–  Sparrow species, likely Savannah (1)

I would like to thank Petra Hockey and Eric Carpenter for their superb guidance on the trip. Also, I thank Coastal Bend Audubon for supporting this expedition.

Richard Gibbons

CBAS Field Trip Director

Link to Photo Gallery: All photography copyrighted ©Garett Hodne 2003



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