PORT O’CONNOR PELAGIC Trip Report II – July 27, 1996

Aboard   the Chip XI
Report Transcribed from   1997 Texas Deepwater Pelagic Trips NewsletterCopyrighted   By: Dwight Peake and Mark Elwonger

Sperm   Whales nearly stole the show on two of our three trips in 1996. In July   participants were treated to good views of a rafting cow and calf and members   of a pod were breaching completely out of the water. The July trip afforded   looks at dozens of Sooty Terns with a few Bridled Terns, a half-dozen   Band-rumped Storm Petrels a couple of Cory’s and Audubon’s Shearwaters, and a   Masked Booby.

Species   Seen:

Cory’s   Shearwater – 2

Audubon’s   Shearwater – 2

Band-rumped   Storm-Petrel – 7

Masked   Booby – 1

Bridled   Tern – 11

Sooty   Tern – 61



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