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by | Nov 17, 2021

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This benefit allows you to get the FIRST chance to sign-up for a trip before the broader general birding public finds out. For example the June 1 – 3, 2022 trip sold out in less than 1 day, with just participants who receive the Newsletter. I never needed to post it to the larger audiences to fill the boat. The sign-up form is on the right sidebar.


I am planning to run 5 trips in 2022, including two new 48 hour long trips from Freeport. In 2021 the demand for the 3 Texas Pelagics I offered was high and all the trips sold out relatively quickly.  Therefore I think the Texas birding community could support a few more trips in 2022.  I hope I’m right. (?) The first trip I finished organizing from Freeport in fact sold out in less than 24 hours.  The second 48 hour trip in September is almost ready for me to open registration, so stay tuned and watch for your newsletter announcement comin soon.

1.  NEW FOR 2022 June 1 – 3, 2022 48 hour trip from Freeport aboard the MV Fling. SOLD OUT

2.  July (?) from South Padre Island aboard the Isabella.

3.  August (?) from South Padre Island aboard the Isabella.

4.  September (?) from Port Aransas aboard the Kingfisher.

5.  September 25 – 27, 2022 48 hour trip from Freeport aboard the MV Fling.


Currently none of the trips other than the June trip (which is sold out) are open for Registration.

TRIP #12345
TRIP DATES 2022June 1 - 3July (?)Aug (?)Sept (?)Sept 25 - 27
PORTFreeportSouth Padre IslandSouth Padre IslandPort AransasFreeport
RETURN TIME6 - 8:00 pmTBATBATBA6 - 8:00 pm
TRIP DURATION48 HoursProb. 12 HoursProb. 14 - 16 HoursProb. 14 - 16 Hours48 Hours
REGULAR FARE$600 / person / single bunkTBATBATBE$600 / person / single bunk
Waiting List Only
NOT Open YetNOT Open YetNOT Open YetNOT Open Yet
The details for the two 48 hour trips from Freeport are finalized. The details for the remaining 3 trips from South Padre Island and Port Aransas will be posted as soon as they are available. 


Once you’ve decided to go on a Texas Pelagic just follow the 6 steps below.

1.  TERMS & CONDITIONS: Read through this carefully!

2.  PREPARATIONS FOR A TEXAS PELAGIC:  Required reading for your first trip.

3.  REGISTRATION: Fill out this form online only.

4.  PAYMENT:  Chose your method and payment.

5.  SURVEY; If you’ve never done a Texas Pelagic please take a minute to fill out this survey.

A Note on Fares

The REGULAR FARE, shown in the table above, applies to those who pay at any time up until the ‘Sign-up Deadline’ which is the deadline set by the charter boats to commit to running the trip and deposits become non-refundable. If we haven’t reached the minimum participant threshold required to cover the charter cost by this date then the trip is at risk of being cancelled depending on how close we are to the minimum. Any reservation cancellations beyond the “Sign-up Deadline” will not be refunded unless your seat is resold and the trip is full when we sail. Your fares are transferrable to anyone you choose as long as they are not already a signed up and paid participant.

The LATE FARE applies if you can’t make your reservation by the “Sing-up Deadline” and are okay with paying the higher LATE FARE. But keep in mind the trip may get cancelled because too many people have waited until it’s too LATE.


Directions to and descriptions of the boats can be found here.


Please plan to arrive at the dock 30 minutes before the posted departure times so everyone has time to check in and hear the pre-trip briefing.  Directions to and descriptions of the pelagic boats can be found at the links below.

South Padre Island – Isabella Boat at Breakaway Cruises

Port Aransas – Kingfisher at Deep Sea Headquarters

Freeport – M.V. Fling

(Freeport – Blue Fin Charter Boat) – not currently Scheduled

Pelagic Birding in the Gulf of Mexico and the Seabirds of Texas.

This website is the only source for information about Texas Pelagic Trips. It is the single and most complete record of past Texas Pelagic trip reports beginning in 1991, photo galleries from past Texas Pelagic trips and information and photos of the seabirds of Texas.

Please browse through the sections below for a thorough history of Texas Pelagic Trips, Seabirds, Marine Mammals, Sea turtles and Fish sightings

By Garett Hodne

Check out these pages below for more information about Texas Pelagics.

Pelagic Seabirds, Marine Mammals, Fish and Sea Turtles:



This page contains articles on seabird abundance and seasonal distribution in the Gulf of Mexico. Photo galleries of seabirds, marine mammals and fish serve as a useful guide to identification and help prepare the pelagic birder for the challenges of sea birding.

Past Trip Report Archives and Photo Galleries:


Assembled here is the most complete record of past trip reports and photo albums for Texas Pelagics that exists anywhere!

Regular Pelagic trips in offshore Texas only really began in 1994. Over the last 19 years many dedicated pelagic birders have made great efforts to continue organizing Pelagic birding trips to the deep waters offshore Texas. There are trip reports for over 50 past pelagic trips listed here.

In addition to the reports, I have collected photos from many other birders in addition to my own photos for trip galleries from over 25 past Texas Pelagics. Reminise about past trips, exciting sightings of birds and other marine life and get a real feeling for the pelagic birding experience by reviewing these photo galleries.

Gulf of Mexico Information:


Find out where to go for detailed marine weather forecasts and wave forecasts, critical information for Pelagic birding success. Also additional information about the physical oceanography of the Gulf of Mexico is presented.

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