Osprey Fishing Boats South Padre Island

The Osprey boats (I and II) based on the southern tip of South Padre Island have proved to be excellent boats for Texas Pelagics.  These seaworthy boats have been used for most of the Texas Pelagics since 2000, 33 trips so far and counting. South Padre Island while a long way from some parts of Texas is an optimum location for Texas Pelagics due to the fact that the edge of the continental shelf  is about 50 miles offshore and can be reached in 3-4 hours. The shelf edge is the beginning of pelagic waters and is closer to shore here then anywhere else along the Texas Coast.

Map to Osprey Boat Docks on South Padre Island

Osprey Boat Dock Map


















Link to Osprey Cruises website for more information about boats.

The Osprey was extensively renovated in the winter of 2014 and is now even better for Texas Pelagics.





















The Osprey II (below) was used for Texas Pelagics in the past but is now only used for offshore deep sea fishing.